truly a woman who did not wait to make a difference


She does a great job in helping others, particularly seniors have a better safer and quality life.


I have worked alongside Alisha for years.  In all of my career I have never worked with someone that is as passionate, as caring, and as dedicated to helping others.  She bore a heavy burden while with Hosparus as she assisted those in the end of life.  She acted with professionalism, compassion, and an empathy that can not be imitated.

Her path led her to start her own business Alee Solutions, that specializes in finding placement for seniors.  She has went above and beyond what she promises her clients.  Alisha does this because she genuinely cares for people.  I assure you that it is not for the money, she doesn't know if she is going to be paid when taking on new clients.  She does every thing she can for them and sees them through to the end.

Alisha has more integrity and love for people that I can only hope to one day achieve.


Alisha Duvall with Alee Solutions as a woman who did not wait to make a difference.  Alisha started her own business at the age of 30. She formed her business Alee Solutions when she realized that there is a better option for transitioning thru life stages than what our healthcare system offers.  She has created a business that is much needed in today’s life and times and has stayed true to herself and her values and continues to achieve her goals. Alisha has a BA in Psychology; Masters in Social Work and Post Master in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has high integrity and works tirelessly in the community. She is on the Stroke Board, fundraiser for stroke, Senior Care Experts and Alzheimer’s as well as being on the board for Floyd County Special Student Summer Program.  Alisha Duvall is truly a woman who did not wait to make a difference in her life and the lives of our senior population.

Outstanding member of Board of Directors for the Kentuckiana Stroke Association, she has creatively found new fundraising opportunities for the association to carry out its mission. She dedicates herself to their events and insures their success. Her work for causes within the community is exemplary.