Alee Solutions has a masters level Social Worker who assist our clients and their loved ones to make it feasible for them to Aging in Place for as long as possible. Aging can be very confusing and turbulent time for families. With nearly 85% of Seniors desiring to remain in their homes it is essential that they plan ahead. Postponing the planning often leads to unsafe living arrangements that lead to repeated falls, hospitalizations, decline in socialization and eventually requiring the senior to move in a care facility. Calling in a professional from Alee Solutions to assist and assess the situation could make all the difference. Alee Solutions has both a masters level Social Worker and Registered Nurse that are available to work with your loved one to determine a the plan that gives aging-in-place a high likelihood of success.


Concierge Making-a-Move Solutions.

Aging in Place does not always have to be in ones current home. Perhaps making a move into a retirement community often can give seniors years more time living independently in their own condo or apartment. The search for a new home for a senior so often comes in a time of crisis. Aging in Place Louisville is here in a time of crisis but also for those who plan ahead. We are here to talk through options and make decisions about how they see their life as they age in place here in Louisville. With such a critical demand for our Making-a-Move services, we wanted to offer something back to the community by matching the need with the best care alternatives for each of our clients. With our reputation of honor and integrity it has given us the ability to partner within our community allowing Alee Solutions to offer this Making-a-Move service FREE. The Kentuckiana retirement industry has joined together to make what is a highly emotional and frustrating time for our clients into a time to feel energized by the loving personalities that care so dearly about the ever aging members of our community. Alee Solutions is here to reduce your anxiety by doing the legwork for you. Now, isn't that cool? So take a moment to catch your breath and hand it over to us.

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Photo by: Luke Lehrfeld