Healthcare has been revolutionized.

Alee Solutions has taken the concept of traditional concierge healthcare coordination to a new level. Healthcare delivery has dramatically changed in the last five years. In a healthcare system that has hospitalist and primary care physicians who are expected to see over 25 individuals a day it is no surprise that they have scarcely more than 15 minutes to spend with to each patient. Medical care recommendations can be difficult to navigate but we are here to assist you along that journey. 

Navigating the "Red Tape" Barriers of Healthcare

Alee Solutions delivers an unparalleled patient experience by providing our members with an in-depth picture of their health. Just as importantly, we work with our members to develop an action plan to improve their overall health. Walking with you as we navigate the healthcare options and exploring them from every angle. This unparalleled level of personal care and attention comes with any of the variety of healthcare related services we provide.

 What makes us different?

What sets Alee Solutions apart is our emphasis on prevention. We strongly focus on wellness, stress management, fitness and nutrition working to keep you at home. We encourage not only a healthy body but also a healthy mind. Taking a whole person approach by offering wellness advice from assisting with grocery shopping, finding specialists, scheduling appointments and coordinating with other providers.  Your Concierge Adviser can take care of all the details. Imagine the difference in your quality of life with this added service. 


A few things we are here to help you with:

Understanding Medicare

Full Assessment of Needs

Post Discharge Care Coordination

Medication Reconciliation and Management 

Concierge Home and Health Care Coordination

Ongoing Health and Wellness Partnership

Assistance with Coordination of Changing Health Needs

Assistance with Power of Attorney forms

Exploring Your Best Retirement Community Options