About Alee Solutions

Who brought us Alee Solutions

Alee Solutions was founded from the realization that there is a better option for transitioning through life stages than what is currently available in our healthcare system. Each profession that comes together to form the Alee Solutions team bring with them an array of unique ideas boosted by their educational backgrounds and specialized work experiences. The founder Alisha Duvall, MSW/MFT brought light to creating something rooted in experience and education but it was cultivated by innovation and caring. We bring you Alee Solutions: Your Premier Concierge Solution.

Alee Solutions is the FIRST and ONLY locally owned and operated company, in Greater Kentucky and Southern Indiana, to offer a Social Worker available to the public to offer NO COST Senior Living advice.

Message in the name Alee Solutions

Alee Solutions puts thought into every detail of what we do. The same can be said about the choice of name.

Alee Solutions— "Alee" was derived from the 900 AD Middle English language. Alee is a shelter from the wind.  Alee Solutions prides ourselves on being a shelter for individuals and their families to turn to when the wind is at their face. When they are looking for a guidance to navigate through the waves life brings their way. Let Alee Solutions assist you and your loved ones in finding shelter from the wind in however that best fits your life.

We are Different

Alee Solutions consistently differentiates ourselves from other service providers with our innovative style of service and unwavering passion for putting our clients first. 

Alee Solutions is comprised of these essential components:

  • Building a Community of Quality Services

  • Superior Navigation of Needs

  • Personalized Experience

Pillars of Integrity

We stand for:

  • Integrity: Trust is earned and quality is born from those who strive only for the best. We believe in the integrity of our services and stand behind what we believe.

  • Fulfillment: What we do makes a difference. Its rewarding to know that our services make a difference in peoples lives.

  • Excellent Service: Only providing the quality of services that we would expect for our families and nothing less.

  • Continuous Improvement: Just as the moon continuously rotates around the earth, we never stop working to improve our services and strive to be an innovative service provider for the ever changing needs of our clients.

  • Accountability: Quality services and superior experiences are the goals we follow to ensure we hold ourselves accountable to only the highest standards of service.

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