using her talents and gifts to help those in need of support

What are people saying about Alee Solutions and our Social Worker Alisha Duvall ?


Alisha is a true professional and dedicated to her profession.  She is a well connected in the Louisville area and is doing well with her new business.  - Katie W. Louisville KY

She does a great job in helping others, particularly seniors have a better safer and quality life. - Louisville KY.


Alisha Duvall is a Social Worker whose work goal is to help people through difficult times. She has done this through working with individuals and families, with Hospice end-of-life care, and through her business Alee Solutions. She assists those with chronic health concerns and their families find care solutions which match the physical, financial, emotional and spiritual needs of both loved one and family. She has volunteered to lead a discussion group for loved ones with Alzheimer's/dementia which meets concurrently with our Alzheimer's Caregiver Support Group. This allows the loved ones to discuss their challenges, reminisce, and do small projects, while at the same time allowing the caregiver the freedom to attend the caregiver meeting, knowing that their loved one is close by and being pampered and encouraged at the same time. Alisha is a young woman who is using her talents and gifts to help those in need of support. - Sara G. Southeast Christian Church Alzheimer's Support Group Leader . Louisville, KY