Exemplary...you do say ?


Alisha has overcome personal and professional barriers opening her own business. She has reinvented herself by using the knowledge and experience gained from her professional career. Her business and passion is helping senior adults (and loved ones) navigate through the challenges of aging. To be only 32, and female, Alisha has a long background in volunteering, fundraising, and community awareness.

Alisha has been making her mark in the community for over 10 years. Starting at a very young age she has never let her age or gender hold her back. She as a teenager started a community activist movement to get others in her county involved in starting programs like adopt-a-grandparent. She was on the board of Floyd County Special Students Summer Program handing off the torch to inspire high school students to step outside the box and become stakeholders in community awareness of the matters they believe in to ensure they know they have a voice to make a difference. She went on to get a B.A in PSY, Masters in Social Work and Post Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has remained professional throughout her carrier and overcame barriers of being raised in an abusive home to be a Female leader in her profession. She started her own company two years ago. She to no ones surprise has continued to excel at being an entrepreneur as well. She is absolutely the women to pick.