2 Tip Tuesday - Dementia Series Week 3 of 8

2 Tip Tuesday - Dementia Series Week 3 of 8  

Many people simply just do not know how to interact with or entertain people who have Dementia. There are some things you might not think of that could improve your visits and many others that you want to avoid or your visits might turn sour. The eight week series looks at two tips each Tuesday that will help you improve the quality of your visits.  - 16 tips for visiting a person with Dementia -

 Finding the right senior care option for a loved one or aging-in-place option for yourself can be challenging. We are here to make your loved one's retirement and senior living transition as seamless as possible. Our website has many guides, tools, tips and articles that can help guide you. Check out the complete index of articles on aging, health, and elder care.

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