Assisted Living vs Aging-in-Place

How to Decide Which Option is Right for Your Loved One


Here are a few steps you can take work towards figuring out which is the best option in your specific situation:

  • Talk to a Aging-in-Place & Senior Living Specialist. We can help you understand not only what care needs your loved one has now, but anticipate and plan for how their needs are likely to change in the coming years. We can't always know what’s coming. With over a decade of experience why risk going at it alone with there is no cost advice right at your fingertips. Many Doctors do not feel comfortable giving advice on such an important decision. They often turn to Alisha Duvall, MSW/MFT to assist their patients and their families to help them make a more informed decision about what to do going forward.
  • Consider the resources - Money Money Money.  Sometimes all it takes is adding some more hands on attention from family members or close friends in the neighborhood to make a aging-in-place plan successful for a time. Not all neighborhoods are suited for aging in place. Alee Solutions can assist you in surveying what’s available in your loved one;s community now and can help you figure out  what additional steps to take so that the supports in place match your loved-one's level of need.
  • We know your local options. There is no need to recreate the wheel.  Caregivers tend to try to do it all themselves. STOP. We have already done what you are about to do. Make one phone call instead of many. There are so many programs and resources to assist in keeping our seniors safe in the Kentuckiana area that you maybe missing our on FREE MONEY to make the right choice just a bit clearer. We can assess your situation and discuss programs that may open doors to options you would have never considered. There is so much more to consider than the resources your loved one has in making this decision. Most seniors want to stay in their homes until they pass away. This is not always possible. It can cost upwards of $14,000+ to stay in the home and that is without the need of a nurse. We can provide you details and reviews for in-home care agencies,  nursing care, senior living, and assisted living options available near you.
  • Time for a family meeting. So often this decision is made entirely by one person.  In families that are supportive we can lead you in a family meeting to discuss through the options together as a team.  

This decision  is not likely to be an easy one, remember the most important thing is to make sure of is that you do what’s in the best interest of your loved one. Consider the options carefully, consult an expert and make the best choice you can.

Alisha Duvall, MSW/MFT

Before I received my Masters in Social Work and Marriage & Family Therapy, I knew I was meant to help folks. When I began this company I realized the importance of quality of life. Everyone deserves to live the best life possible. Let me assist you and your loved one to maintain the highest level of dignity and independence possible as this journey of aging continues.

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