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We are excited to share our newest spotlight in the today's transitions magazine. 

Finding out a family member is no longer able to safely remain in their home so often takes families by surprise. Countless of families just like you find themselves not sure where to turn for help.

Utilizing a reputable senior placement agency can make the search for the right Senior Living option a smooth process. An experienced advisor can guide families through the web of decisions that it takes to make a transition a success. Successful transitions can be challenging for families who try to navigate the waters of healthcare alone. There is a peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the professional support that aids in making decisions that can save time and money for your loved one.

Make sure the advisor you choose is knowledgeable about the resources and communities in Kentuckiana area. Be cautious of shopping on the internet for senior housing assistance. Numerous local families have voiced concerns about how their personal information they entered on a website may have been released to others or even worse sold to other companies. When entering you or your loved ones personal information on a website; read the fine print on the Privacy Policy. Often you can find language that allows the website to sell or disclose your personal and contact information with third parties.

Rick M, a local hospital Case Manager, tells of why he refers the families that he assist to Alisha Duvall, MSW/MFT, of Alee Solutions. “She acts with professionalism, compassion, and an empathy that cannot be imitated. Her path led her to start her own business Alee Solutions, which specializes in finding placement for seniors.  She has went above and beyond what she promises her clients. Alisha does this because she genuinely cares for people.  I assure you that it is not for the money, she doesn't know if she is going to be paid when taking on new clients.  She does everything she can for them and sees them through to the end. Alisha has more integrity and love for people that I can only hope to one day achieve."  Rick M. went on to say how important it is to have a local resource like Alee Solutions because with the number of senior living options available to us here in Kentuckiana it is   likely the facility that best would fit your loved ones needs might not pop up in your online search or when asking friends about where their loved ones have gone. That is why companies like this exist and why you should call a Social Worker first.  Most of these services are at no cost to the families.



Halloween- These seniors were far from zombies

Trunk or Treat at Jefferson Place Nursing Rehab Center

Trunk or Treat at Jefferson Place Nursing Rehab Center

Celebrating Halloween at Jefferson Place Trunk or Treat Event with the seniors staying with them for Short Term Rehab on 10/20/2015

Many of the rehab residents joined in the fun. There were witches, pirates, Jedi Masters, princesses, and even a black cat that crossed my path. 

The seniors joined in the games right along side the kids.  The game of the night seemed to be corn hole. 

Have a safe and happy Halloween! 

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