Focus has shifted onto Dental Care in Kentuckiana

With 47% of citizens in the US over age of 30 having some form of chronic gum disease it is no surprise that the community voices concerns about the lack of access and cost associated with oral health. Kentucky in 2012 had the 5th highest rate of "toothless-ness" in population 65 and older in the US. Michael Rabkin at Passport Healthplan blogged that the Kentucky Oral Health Coalition, has shifted their focus on sharing fun facts about oral health and what barriers are faced by community. The consequences of poor oral hygiene have substantial effects on the lives of so many Kentuckians.  It is unsettling that over 25% of our senior community have had all of their natural teeth removed. One reason that can be associated with these poor figures can be attributed to our diets while most importantly the lack of coverage by Medicare. Seniors are generally responsible for the full cost of their dental care unless they have other dental insurance, since routine dental coverage is not covered under "Original Medicare."

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